Girlfriends Revenge – Part 1

Steve was a sixteen year old boy who was dating Tina a sixteen year old member of the school swimming team and also head prefect. Steve had phoned Tina and told her he was not feeling well and could not make their date to go ice skating and would see her the next night if he was well enough, Tina was disappointed and went to her friends house only to find that she was not in. Tina went got some chips and sat in the park eating them, as she sat on the swing eating her chips she saw Steve in the distance and saw he was snogging a girl with one hand up her jumper, Tina saw that the girl was her friend July. Tina became very angry that her boyfriend was two timing her with her friend but instead of confronting the pair Tina ran home where she cried herself to sleep. Tina woke late the next morning knowing that it was a Saturday and there was no school. Later in the day Steve phoned Tina and told her he was feeling much better and would be round that night, when Tina asked what had been wrong Steve lied telling her it was a nasty bug and he had gone to bed and slept. Tina did not tell him about seeing him with July. That night Tina’s parents went out leaving Tina to look after her sister Kim who was a few years younger that what she was. At just after eight o’clock Steve turned up at the house with Kim letting him in, Steve went into the lounge walked towards Tina with his arms out stretched saying ” hello babe” and expecting a hug and kiss from Tina, instead Tina brought her knee up hard making contact with Steve’s balls making him double up in pain and fall to the floor, Kim looked at him and instead of saying ” get a room” when she saw her sister and Steve snogging she said ” get a doctor” Steve lay on the floor for a few minutes while the pain went then asked Tina what was wrong. Tina snarled at him at told him she had seen him last night in the park with her mate July when he was meant to be ill in bed, Steve looked at Tina and instead of making excuses apologised saying he had been wrong, Steve got up of the floor but as soon as he was up Tina knocked him back down with a hard slap round the face, Steve looked up at the angry Tina and knew he would never beat her and lay still, Tina stood over him and said ” lets see if these things still work” bent forward grabbed the waist band of his joggers and pulled down along with his under wear, Kim said ” fucking hell” when she saw Steve’s seven inch dick, she sat staring at it looked at her sister, Tina smiled at Kim and said to her ” see if it still works” Kim said ” you mean play with it” Tina nodded Kim jumped up from the sofa hurried round to Steve knelt on the floor beside him, Steve said ” come off it she is only a kid” Tina kicked Steve’s leg and told him to shut up, Kim got hold of Steve’s dick and started to slowly stroke it and soon felt it stiffen after a minute or two Kim let go of Steve’s dick and saw it was sticking it his belly at about nine inches, Kim looked at her sister smiling, Tina smiled back and said “go on see if you can make the two timing scum back cum” Kim got hold of Steve’s fully erect dick again and started to stroke it again, Tina stood using her phone to film the whole thing, Kim slowly stroked Steve’s erection and after five minutes said ” stop for fuck sake stop” Kim ignored Steve and carried on stroking then after another minute Steve squirted his cum in five spurts, Kim loved the site of Steve cumming, She had never seen an older boy cum and said ” nice that was well cool” wiped her hand on Steve’s jumper and stood up.. Tina looked at Steve and told him to get his joggers up and fuck off, Steve quickly left as he went down the street he text July telling her Tina knew and was out for revenge, July replied with ” let her try”