Cindy was a sixteen year hooligan who lived on a run down council estate she had just taken her twelve year old sister to her mates house and was now just going into the lift of the block of flats she lived in, Aadi who was in the same class as her sister was in the lift, Cindy knew he was the son of the owner of the local shop and was a mouthy brat. Cindy dropped her keys on the floor bent to pick them up, Aadi smiled when the top of Cindy’s tee shirt fell forward giving him a view of Cindy’s ample boobs, he thought pity she has a bra on, Aadi said ” your wearing a blue bra, Cindy looked at him, Aadi said ” your in shit when I tell every one what I just saw you will be called a pedo” Amy looked at Aadi and told him it had been an accident, Aadi replied but I will tell every one that you did it on purpose, the lift stopped at the  floor Cindy lived on, Cindy got out of the lift followed by Aadi, Cindy looked at Aadi and told him he could not tell, Cindy walked to her front door with Aadi walking just behind her saying that he could and would and that he would be believed, Cindy opened the door to her flat knowing that her parents were out, she looked at Aadi and asked him what it would cost her for him not to say anything about what he had seen, Aadi smiled and told Cindy that he wanted to see her naked or he would tell, Cindy looked at him and said what totally naked Aadi said ” yeah completely naked” Cindy looked at him said ” if I do it you wont tell” and after Aadi had promised he would not tell Cindy told him to come in, inside the house Aadi sat on the sofa and watched as Cindy removed her tee shirt then took her bra off letting her ample boobs fall free, Aadi smiled said ” yeah nice fucking tits” Cindy kicked her shoes off unzipped her tight skirt let it drop to the floor then removed her panties and stood naked, Aadi looked first at Cindy’s boobs then at her love tube said ” this is fucking nice a naked white girl” Cindy looked at him said ” happy ” Aadi said not yet lay on the floor let me play with you” Cindy looked at him then lay on the floor saying ” you better not tell” Aadi got down beside Cindy and started rubbing her boobs and squeezing her nipples which soon became erect, when Aadi slid his fingers inside Cindy’s love tube he found it moist he started to push his fingers in and out while he licked Cindy’s nipples just like he had seen it done on porn film after a couple of minutes Aadi could hear Cindy moaning and after a few more minutes he felt her cum, twenty minutes Aadi was walking towards his own flat, Cindy was standing under the shower thinking to herself that was better than what she had thought it would be and wondered if Aadi would want more and then thought knowing Bengali boys he would.