Seducing college gardener in lawn

Elisa is cutting the grass while my eyes are on her nude thighs. While sitting on grass her inner beauty can be seen from a distance. She is wearing a thigh length skirt with tops. We are looking at each other in lunch hour. She is in her mid thirties with medium sized breasts and round shaped buttocks. College has a large premises and lawn is too large. I am sitting on bench near large trees..

ELISA is cutting bush like grasses and my eyes always goes on her semi nude thighs and breasts. She looking at me….. ” What’s your name you young guy?

(Garry) Garry, studying in honours degree course

(Elisa) you are a dirty guy, what are you looking for?

(Garry) any thing from you with love

(Elisa) oh if I give you a sandle on your face than…… ”

(Garry) sure Elisa you can. ” And she came near me, standing in front of me, she smiled and I put my arms on her waist trying to pull her on my laps but she is strong enough to resist and I put my lips on her waist to kiss. She is trying to move but my hold on her waist and my kisses on her waist line to navel have put her in my control.

I stand on grass while holding her waist and put my lips on her lips with my hands moving on her bum. She has surrendered herself and my lips are moving on her lips now. She is afraid but has sexual desire, so she said……. ” This place is not safe Garry, come with me….. ” And we walked for 50 metres. We are in the end of college premises with large trees and no one is here. We are sitting on grass and I took her on my laps. She has put her legs wide open and wrapped in my waist. Now my hands are on her back and our lips are locked, she pushed her tongue in my mouth and I am rubbing her back while sucking her tongue. My hands are trying to lift her skirt up and my hand is moving on her ass feeling the soft touch of it. I left her tongue and she took my tongue in her mouth to suck. My penis is becoming hot rod inside my pant. She is sucking my tongue and my hands are moving on her panty. Later on she left my tongue..

ELISA is looking too wild and she took no time to stand in front of me. Her legs are wide open and I lift her skirt upto her waist. Now strong thighs as well as panty is visible. I put my lips on her tongue and I am kissing it, she is holding my hairs and now my tongue is moving on her smooth thighs, her legs are shivering and I opened the strings of panty to make her vagina nude. I am on my knees to pray BUR DEVI and now my lips are on her labias. Elisa vagina is clean shaved with reddish colour and its shining like a diamond. Now she put her fingers on her cunt to open its mouth, my 1/2 tongue is in her vagina. She is screaming in joy and I am fucking her cunt while palms are rubbing her bum. She is pushing my face in between her thighs and now I took her cunt to suck. She is screaming…… “Ooohh uuumm aasjhh Garry you are so nice in suck aaashh. ” And I left her cunt..

Elisa is now on grass and standing in front of her, I unzipped my pant and took out my penis but she removed my pant and made my lower parts complete nude. Now she put her lips on glans and her tongue is rolling on it. Looking at me, she took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it like a matured lady. She is married and in her mid thirties has got experience in sex of 10-12 years. Now her tongue is licking my dick and she left my penis. Now ELISA is on grass on her knees and I put my penis in her cunt, while holding her waist, I started fucking her vagina. She is looking at me and after 5 minutes of deep penetration, she screamed…… ” Oohh aahh Garry fuck me hard I will cum……… ” And my penis is in her wet cunt. I took out my penis and licked it for a while..

ELISA is a bold lady and now I am sitting on grass. She put her legs stretched and her vagina is on my penis. She has put her arms on my shoulder and I pushed my dick from below to fuck her glory hole. Slowly she pushed her ass down to have my whole dick inside. Now she is moving her ass up and down and her heavy ass is putting pressure on my penis. Now I started fucking her from below and we are holding each others tightly. After some time, I shouted……. ” Oohh aashhh take my cum its raining…… ” And my penis ejaculated inside her cunt. We took rest for some time and left each other.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.